Room war

Room war

Room war is a rather smart flight simulation game for Windows
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Room war is a rather smart flight simulation game for Windows. It was created for an Alienware contest. The game puts you in charge of an alien ship and your mission is to prevent other aliens from attacking your Alienware setup. The map is designed like a bedroom, modeled in 3D. The details are not commercial-grade graphics but the game looks nice all the same. Flying your ship is a smooth experience as well. You move your turret using the mouse and fire using the left mouse button. There are two ways to fire. First, you can use the turret as a manual weapon, or you can lock into targets with the right click of your mouse and simply fire and let the automatic guidance system do the job for you. In any case, enemies have to be within your aiming screen for shots to get to them. With your keyboard, you can move your ship. It hovers over the room and you can increase or decrease altitude and turn around quite easily with the up and down arrows. You won't die if you hit the ground or any of the furniture in the room. In short, the game isn't very deep and the mission is simple, but one has to give credit where credit is due. And this small accomplishment deserves some credit.

José Fernández
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